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Aico Peek Partner South Korea

Aico Peek‘s industrial knowledge can be best explained by his extensive over 10 years of experience in the aviation, commercial real estate and logistic industry. Besides these industries, he also focuses on the automotive, industrial and high-tech industry. 

He has been in South Korea for more than 10 years now. His exposure to Korean business culture enabled him to communicate more efficiently with multinational clients.

Aico has been actively participating in the expat community here. Through different industrial associations, he has built up an extensive network with key decision makers.

He is very actively involved in all cross border searches for global talent. Besides the executive search, he also assists his clients with entry strategies, talent management and Korean labor law.

In addition to his industrial expertise, he speaks native Dutch, native English and good German, On top of that he speaks intermediate Korean, which is a great advantage in conducting his profession here in South Korea.