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Coaching Executive Coaching

Who can objectively and neutrally give feedback to an organisation’s senior executives? Performance management systems at that level are mostly sketchy.

Senior executives tend to be self-monitoring and somehow expected to manage themselves without outside help. Yet most know they could achieve more with the right support.

At other levels, executives marked down for future stardom may yet lack the self-awareness to fulfil their potential. Training programs and internal mentoring provide useful learning but someone from outside the organisation can be more open and objective.

Both situations call for executive coaching – often the only solution to a difficult problem.


Our executive coaches are highly experienced and professionally trained to work individually with executives.

Since every coaching objective differs, we customise our approach by developing an in-depth understanding of organisational and individual contexts and expectations before defining the objective, the expected outcome and the coaching duration. The choice of coach depends critically on the trust and rapport between the parties.


To the individual, executive coaching helps them improve understanding of self, others, develop a personal and business strategy, and implement behaviours that enhance their leadership effectiveness and performance.

To the organisation, investment in executive coaching pays off through higher performance, less individual and organisational stress, greater stability and commitment – and opportunities to prepare for succession.