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Management Assessment

Using only an unstructured interview to select external candidates is famously unreliable. Do we tend to select those who are like ourselves? Or even, just those people we like? If so, how can we increase the reliability of selection?

Similarly, promoting internal candidates may lead to unfair selection. Others may perceive managers’ favoritism. The pressure to screen candidates against a preferred profile is increasing and is now best HR practice.

By employing modern assessment tools, your company will benefit from people at all levels that fit your specific requirements.


Since companies have different challenges, we customize the approach to meet individual organizational needs. Factors such as the size of population, the level and the purpose of assessment and whether it is public or private sector, determine the tools we use. No one tool or process is enough. Our experience both as hands-on managers and consultants is an important ingredient in our success.


Whether hiring, promoting or taking other people decision such as during mergers or downsizing, our objective assessment will help you take the right decisions on people and – equally important – enable you to justify them to others in a rational way.